To ensure safety and superior customer service, Utah Lubricants employees must adhere to strict regulations and rules of conduct. These regulations are listed below.

Safety is everyone’s responsibility. It can be achieved when you and your fellow J-Team members work together. When you become aware of an unsafe working condition, alert your supervisor to the situation. You may save someone from experiencing a painful or life-threatening injury.

Report all work-related injuries to your supervisor as soon as possible and no later than five days after the occurrence even when the injury seems slight. Be equally certain to alert your supervisor if you become sick on the job.

Learn the safe way to perform your job before you start. If you are not certain that you thoroughly understand the job, ask your supervisor for further instructions.

Work at a safe speed. Do not endanger yourself or others be hurrying recklessly. Do not run in the bay-areas or jump over any open bay.

Horseplay and practical jokes are dangerous and will not be tolerated. Anyone involved in these practices will be subject to SEVERE DISCIPLINE OR DISCHARGE.

Keep your work are clean at all times. Good housekeeping is the responsibility of every employee. Keep stairways, passageways, exits, and walkways clean and clear. Mop any spills or water from outside immediately. This will avoid slips and falls. Ask your supervisor for advice about cleaning duties every day.

Be aware of fire extinguishers. Know how to use them.

Be aware of the locations of first-aid kits.

Be aware of the location of eye wash solution. Know how to use it.

Persons under the influence of restricted drugs of intoxicants will not be permitted access to Jiffy Lube property. Restricted drugs or intoxicants are not permitted on the Jiffy Lube premises.

Eating and storage of personal items are permitted only in designated areas. Smoking is never allowed in a Jiffy Lube building.

Report any damaged electrical wire, cords or tools immediately.

Do not operate equipment or use tools you have not been trained or authorized to use by your supervisor. Do not use defective or damaged tools or equipment. Report problems to your supervisor.

The use of personal protective equipment is required where posted. When working in the lower bay area, bump hats and safety glasses are to be worn all the time. Personal protective wear is for your protection. Remember, bur sleeves, gloves, bump hats, safety glasses, goggles, aprons and lotion (Barrier Cream) are provided.

Appropriate footwear is necessary. All shoes need to have oil resistant soles. No open toed shoes are allowed.